5D Initiations

Initiation is remembering your true divine nature.

The 5th dimension is light. Activate your 5th-dimensional energetic template through a potent series of clearings, healings, deep meditations, visualizations, downloads, upgrades and attunements offered by the purest multidimensional beings of light.

Alchemically attune your physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies, as well as your heart and soul into coherence with the delicious harmonic frequencies of the oneness of the 5th dimension.

Claim your fifth-dimensional citizenship.

Are you feeling called to…

Receive energetic upgrades that will help you clear self-doubt and feel more resilient?

Authentically embody your soul’s essence instead of experiencing occasional glimpses of who you truly are?

Release the judgments of your life and life in general that may be keeping you stuck in the heavier aspects of the 3rd dimension? 

Move beyond the division and be a more intentional embodiment of love on the planet?

I used to think the density of linear time and space was all there was to life. That life was full of suffering and trust me I did my fair share of that. Now I know that there is a greater love coaxing us to remember who we truly are.

No one dimension is better than the other, but each dimension has its own vibrational frequencies. Humanity has been learning and growing within the dense 3rd-dimensional frequencies for a long time and now it is time to evolve.

Happiness arises from evolution. Humanity was not meant to feel stuck in the heavier aspects of the third dimension. You are here on Earth to be a multidimensional being.

5D Initiations is not about escaping your life or running from the third dimension! It is about anchoring the unified field of unconditional love into every aspect of your life. The process of ascension is bringing the fifth dimension down into the third dimension. 

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there.”

The field Rumi is speaking of is the unified field of the fifth dimension of consciousness.

These initiations will meet you where you are, as you are. Even if you’ve been going through a rough patch. You are not alone. 

These challenges can be a signpost that your soul is ready to create your fifth-dimensional reality. These inner and outer struggles you face can also be ascension symptoms. The 5D Initiations will help ease ascension symptoms as you upgrade to the physical and energetic fifth-dimensional template. Moving from carbon-based DNA to crystalline light-based DNA with more ease. 

The great awakening is NOW.

We are awakening to a reality based on love. In 5th-dimensional unity consciousness, you recognize yourself in others. Seeing yourself in the other is more important than ever with all of the agendas trying to divide the hearts of humanity. We come from one Source. For humanity to reclaim its power and for you to reclaim your power now is the time to reconnect to the heart of the creator. 

Deepen your connection to Gaia by plugging into the fifth-dimensional crystalline grid energic template of Mother Earth.

Mother Earth/Gaia is ascending and she is holding space for us to join her. 

Through the spectrum of light within the 5th dimension, you can access self-mastery, create from the heart and become more magnetic.

“The 5th dimension is awaiting you in this present moment and awakens within your heart”
– Hillary Faye

What awaits you on this five-week journey

Each week will offer initiations and attunements from these multidimensional beings of light…

5D Initiations are overseen by a Council of 5th and higher dimensional light beings who bring forth these sacred attunements and teachings to support Planet Earth and all her inhabitants in accessing a higher vibration of love.
The Pleiadians are the keepers of the 5th dimension and are here to help you anchor 5th-dimensional frequencies. They are a collective of peaceful multidimensional spirit beings from the Pleiades star system.
Kuan Yin is here to hold you in the highest light of compassion as you awaken. Kuan Yin is a Bodhisattva, which means an enlightened being whose goal is supporting awakening.

Ascended Master Mother Mary is present and ready to nourish you with divine mother and feminine energies as you increase your love quotient.

The Arcturians are very loving and joyful highly evolved extraterrestrial light beings. They are here to bring their advanced healing frequencies to support your energetic initiations.
The Hathors are excited to oversee your physical body upgrades with the highest love. Connected to the Egyptian Goddess Hathor. The Hathors are a group of pure-intentioned, interdimensional, intergalactic beings of light.

The Great Goddess Mary Magdalene is here to guide you along the ancient path of the divine feminine by initiating you into the sacred order of the Blue Rose to help you access your heart’s intelligence.

How it works:

Each week there will be a live session on zoom where you will receive specific clearings, healings, upgrades, guided meditations, visualizations and attunements to 5th-dimensional frequencies including sacred plant, flower and crystal essences. 

These sacred initiations will help bring your physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies as well as your heart and soul into alignment and coherence with the 5th dimension of consciousness.

You will receive a Morning guided starting the day in 5D ritual meditation (PDF and professionally recorded audio meditation with binaural beats).

As well as the guided fall asleep in the 5th dimension meditation with binaural beats.

Learn how to pass all the healing attunements that you have received in the 5D Initiations to others! 

You will have lifetime access to all replays and materials.

More on what you will receive during the 5 live sessions:

Heart and Soul 5D Initiations

The divine feminine embodied, Mary Magdalene will help you align with the way and intelligence of the heart. Receive an attunement and initiation into the order of the blue rose of the Magdalene lineage so you can integrate the advanced wisdom of the heart energies. Experience the vastness and knowledge of your soul and feel empowered to be your true self. In this session, you will discover the ascension garden in your sacred heart space.

Mary Magdalene will prepare your energy centers (chakras) and clear them using the blue rose frequency. We will call the spirit of your heart (the intelligence/love of your heart) back into the nest in your heart space on the altar that holds the pink diamond, blue roses and violet flame.

The blue roses will energetically offer a safe space for your soul light to be held within your physical vessel as you are initiated into the order of the blue rose. You will download the energetic templates of higher heart wisdom and soul embodiment.

Physical Body 5D Initiations

During session 2 you will be guided by Goddess Hathor and the group of interdimensional Hathors to physically download the 5th-dimensional frequencies of love-consciousness as you get upgraded to crystalline light DNA.

During this session, you will be astral traveling to the Hathor Temple in Dendera. This was the last temple to truly honor the divine feminine before the world became masculine-dominated. Within the Hathor Temple, you will enter a vortex that will bring you into coherence with harmonic love frequencies that will physically activate your 5th-dimensional light body. Hathor is known as the Mistress of Turquoise and the Lady of Malachite.

You will receive an attunement to the Turquoise and Malachite healing and empowering crystal essences by Goddess Hathor. The group of interdimensional Hathors will attune your higher glands and then your lower glands to the crystalline DNA consciousness.

Mental Body 5D Initiations

A message for you from the Pleiadian Divine feminine high priestess: “This team of light has been assembled with the task of anointing your mind within the fifth dimension of consciousness. We are here to perform several clearings on your beautiful brain that will deepen your connection to your heart's wisdom and to the divine mind. Rewiring your mental circuits to return to coherence with the love and intelligence of the creator.

We know how you suffer mentally and we are here to empower you, our spiritual brothers and sisters, to anchor the fifth-dimensional consciousness of light into the mind. The mind can truly be divine and we want to help you experience and integrate the divine mind. With your permission knowing we hold only the highest love for you and all the work we do will be at the highest good and benefit.” In this session, you will learn about all of the dimensions of consciousness and receive clearings of any less than beneficial mental constructs and fear matrixes.

The series of clearings will include: guilt, worry, self-doubt, criticism of self and others, envy, brain fog, pessimism, and the illusion of separation or disconnection from the divine. You will be attuned to the selenite crystal frequency. Selenite is the master clearer and is known as liquid light. It is connected to divine feminine consciousness and is one of the most powerful crystals for clearing the mind. This attunement will provide you with not only greater mental and energetic protection but also increased clarity.

Next, you will be attuned to the frequency of white sage. The Latin word for sage means to heal. This attunement will work in harmony with the selenite attunement to increase your energetic and mental protection exponentially! White sage will purify your environment, reduce stress and support your mind in regenerating every night as you sleep. Last but certainly not least the Pleiadians will offer your mind an attunement to 5th-dimensional unity consciousness. This oneness blessing will reconnect your brain’s neurons and synapses to the frequency of the divine mind and cosmic intelligence.

Emotional Body 5D Initiations

Your upgrade to your fifth-dimensional emotional body template will be done by Mother Mary and Kuan Yin who work in harmony. This session is designed to nourish and rebirth you to help you increase your ability to FEEL 5th dimensionally.

We will begin with cord cuttings around feeling responsible for other people’s emotions. Then we will move into clearings around any fears of being nurtured or receiving, as well as ways you may numb yourself from feeling out of fear. You will enter the womb of the divine mother for re-birthing and healing the times when you felt you were not held or did not receive the nourishment you needed from your mother or the feminine around you.

You will receive ancestral healing for the ‘mother wound’ to offer healing and resolution to any inherited patterns of not feeling safe enough or able to receive nourishment and 5th-dimensional divine love energy.
We will be working in our ascension gardens and you will receive an attunement to the celestite crystal frequency from Mother Mary and the pink lotus from Kuan Yin.

Energetic 5D Initiations

Receive attunements from the Arcturians to upgrade your energetic bodies including the layers of the aura: etheric, astral, celestial and causal bodies. Bring deep love and healing into your energy field and download the 5th-dimensional energetic templates. Meet your family of light and celebrate your 5th-dimensional citizenship!

“One of the intentions we hope to help you anchor is to be able to recognize the divinity within you even in your hardest moments. When you feel the most frustration, self-doubt, stress or you’re dealing with challenging circumstances. The ascension is recognizing your inner divinity in all moments, becoming present, and awake to the fact that you are divinity.” Arcturians

You are learning to operate more from the fifth-dimensional framework versus feeling stuck in the third-dimensional framework. Learn the three keys from the Arcturians to anchor your fifth-dimensional reality.
Your etheric template body will receive a 5th-dimensional energetic template upgrade from the Arcturians. Your celestial bodies will receive an attunement to a celestial body, the star, Arcturus. The Arcturians will pass an ‘I AM’ presence attunement to deepen the remembrance of your inner divinity.


Hillary Faye has been a teacher of teachers for over a decade.

Through years of deep inner healing and learning how to love herself unconditionally, she turned her past trauma into transformation and now holds space for others to do the same.

For over 18 years Hillary has dedicated her life to the path of healing and has now taught and trained over a thousand heart-centered alchemists, yoga and meditation teachers, energy healers, and intuitive coaches.

In past lives, Hillary has been a high priestess in the Hathor Temple in Ancient Egypt and a teacher in Atlantis. She channels deep soul knowledge and unconditional love into the 5D Initiations and everything she puts out into the world.

What people are saying about working with Hillary…

What you will receive…

Embrace your fifth dimensional citizenship

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